GRANDSOL is a combination of knowledge and experience of two companies GRAND and SOLGRO.

The technical capabilities allow to create products based on the modern technology of photovoltaic panels - Solar Bruk-Bet, perfectly inscribed in the environment and urban spaces – public transport stop shelters, urban landscaping elements: benches, tables of parks and mobile charging devices for smartphones and mobile devices and carports.

All our products are the solutions for which a goal is the improvement of the performances of the products well-known from our streets and parks. They also improve safety by applying the possibility of installing monitoring systems and integrate them with existing systems of electronic surveillance.

The priority of created products is the user functionality, energy autonomy, high technical parameters, quality and safety.

The chosen priorities reflect the idea that guides the GRANDSOL business activity - as the company with only Polish capital that draws from many years of tradition and experience of its founders, as well as of people who make up this company, sharing their experience, knowledge and qualifications constantly pleaded.